Knowing The Basic Requirements of Short Essays Will Help You Write them Better

Essays come in many lengths. Some are short, some are very long and extended. A typical short essay is approximately 500 words in length. Writing essays will improve a student’s thinking skills as well as writing skills and this applies to any essay, be it short or long. These essays will help the student to write better when he writes dissertations and research papers when he goes onto higher education levels. The concept of short essays allows the tutor to teach the students how to write concisely and address an essay topic precisely.

What is a short essay?
There is a reason why it is called a short essay. All information gained during research will have to be compacted and written using a limited number of words. The normal number of words will be between 300 – 500 words. The only difference between a standard essay and an essay of this type is the length. You can refer to sample essays of this nature by search for 500-word essays as well.

What format should be used to write it?
There are two common formats which are used to cite your sources when you write any type of essay so that you will not be accused of plagiarism, and these are the APA and MLA formats. Usually the formats for your essays are given along with your coursework guide. Like all other essays your essay will have an essay introduction, a body and a conclusion. Your introduction and conclusion will have to be very short and the body will have to comprise of 2-3 short paragraphs.

How to conduct research?
With the onset of the IT era research has become easy for any topic. You simply have to go online and type in a few key words and you have all the research material you need to write your essay. You must make sure your screening of important material is more stringent in this sort of essays which are short. You can only mention a limited amount of data so those should be valuable. It is recommended that you do not stick to online research material only when researching. You should go with many sources to back your theories and these should be obtained from journals and libraries as well.

How to write the essay?
When writing any type of essay it is important that you use an essay plan. This will help you to organize your work and write your essay cohesively. There will be a logical flow to your essay when you use an outline. Remember to make your essay title as interesting as possible. If it is interesting it will compel the reader to continue with your essay.

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