Write Your Romeo and Juliet Coursework with a Good Understanding of the Play

Romeo & Juliette Coursework is one of the most common coursework for high school literature classes. This is based on William Shakespeare’s work which dates back to the times of 1591 and 1595. The story revolves around two young lovers who fight for their love amidst a feud between their families. The tragic and untimely death of the young lovers unites the families. This coursework can only be done successfully if the student has a good understanding of the play and related material to the subject.

• Nature of Literature Coursework
Literature coursework of this nature are different from other coursework such as math or biology coursework since it pertains to works of arts and essay writer can draw his or her own interpretations. There is ample room for creative thinking, expression and writing eloquently in literature assignments. You are required to be thoroughly familiar with the play and the characters and the views of various critics. The Shakespearean language is different from common English we use today. For first time readers they sound like a foreign language. However, with practice, your comprehension will increase, making you warm up to the story. This will also enable you to answer your coursework questions effectively. The story has also been made in to a film and students should have a good knowledge of the film production as well so that comparisons can be made if needed.

• Different Types of Coursework
Coursework is a tool used by the tutors to assess the students understanding of the work done during the academic years. The coursework can be in different forms. The student may be asked to write a comparative essay in which you compare the stage play and the film. Whether the true essence of the play is reflected in the film will be one of the main points you can include in your comparison.

• Research Thoroughly
This is literature coursework and you cannot write it the way you write a statistics coursework. You can not depend solely on your reading text to do well in your coursework. YOU should read not only the play but on the Elizabethan era, the culture and politics of the period and the social traditions and family vendettas. This will allow you to draw parallels with the social context and the play it self in your analysis. You may also include some of the reviews of eminent critics so that your point of view on the play can be supported.

Romeo and Juliet coursework need not be a cumbersome assignment if students approach it enthusiastically and endeavor to understand the story and the characters. If you put effort you may not only understand the play but might even become keen on reading rest of Shakespeare collection of work. With the advancement of technology, you can log on to internet and find resource sites which explain the story in easy to comprehend language. By reading such explanations first, you may find it easy to link these descriptions to the story and understand the difficult parts in the plot. Should you need any additional help, professional writing assistance services can be approached.

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