Consider Writing Your Macbeth Essay with a Different Approach

This is a descriptive essay. The comprehension, analysis, creative thinking, expression and eloquence in writing skills are all to be combined in writing a quality essay for this topic.

• The Story
Macbeth is a story which Shakespeare wrote in the early 1600s. It is a story of deceit, betrayal, conspiracy and greed for power. Macbeth a one time great worrier and a general hears three witches’ prophesy that he can become the king of Scotland. He with his wife’s help decides to kill the king and take the power in to his hand. The plot reveals the deceitful planning and betraying of Macbeth to the king he has sworn his allegiance to.

• Different Approaches
When you are to write this essay, you will be usually left to choose how you write it and in what form you write it. You can decide to write it as an analysis essay or a comparative essay. It can also be a narrative essay in which you narrate the story. Another approach is to compare and contrast Macbeth with other work of Shakespeare or similar work of another author. Similarly, you can also take up few of the main characters and discuss the characteristics they portray and how these characters even exist in the modern day political arena. Optionally, you can decide on writing an opinion essay. An evaluation essay form can allow you to assess the writing style, the message conveyed, the symbolism used etc.

• Basic Guidelines
While literature assignments has its own differences from other assignments such as psychology coursework or marketing assignments, basic essay writing guidelines are applicable for this essay as well. Therefore students must take the following points in to consideration.

1. Read and familiarize yourself with Macbeth and other work of Shakespeare. This allows you to write confidently. Read reviews and informative articles on the play which is freely available online. This will make it easy to comprehend the difficult Elizabethan era language style.

2. Decide on the approach you will take in writing your essay. As discussed above, it can be done in many different ways. You have to choose which way appeals to you and do justice to your skills. Make sure to read the assignment sheet to know that the tutor has not prescribed any particular form of writing himself.

3. You should provide a brief but clear explanation of the story line in the essay imperative of how you approach to write it. This will set the scene for the essay to unfold.

4. Quote from the play appropriately and cite the quoted material appropriately with scene numbers. This makes your writing more eloquent.

5. Focus on the interesting characters of the essay even if they are not the central characters. You can bring a bit of freshness to your essay by doing so as most of the other essays will focus on the key characters.

6. Apply the basics of good essay writing such as using an interesting title, opening with a sound essay introduction and writing the body with interesting facts and information. Give a memorable ending to your essay and don’t forget to proofread and edit the work.

If you apply these basic guidelines to your Macbeth essay and write it after an enthusiastic reading of the material, you are bound to write an essay that scores high. Don’t forget to choose an interesting approach to writing your essay as there are plenty of variations which you can adapt in to your writing.

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