How to Write a Masters Dissertation

Writing a Masters Dissertation that Deserves a Honors Pass

A Masters dissertation is done for a postgraduate degree and will involve the investigation of a research problem in the chosen field of study. The dissertation report is a formal document which is the culmination of a rigorous study carried out by the researcher. It presents the overview of the study problem, the hypothesis, the method and the findings. Dissertation writing will call for a combination of skills which is much more advanced than what a student would apply in to essay writing. A sound dissertation is the outcome of extensive work of the student and knowing how to write a dissertation is critical for students to succeed with this task.

Different Types of Dissertations
Depending on the study stream, a student will choose to do the masters level dissertation in various fields. For example, it could be a marketing dissertation, law dissertation, a finance dissertation or a sociology dissertation. Depending on each type, the methodology applicable will change but the basics of dissertation writing remain the same. Immaterial of the dissertation type, an initial proposal has to be drawn up and presented for approval by the dissertation committee prior to proceeding with a fully fledged dissertation project.

Objective of a Dissertation
First step of writing a dissertation is to educate your self of what the basic objectives of writing a dissertation is. A dissertation report is written to present one’s empirical research outcomes and findings on a particular field of study. The research study is geared towards finding answers for phenomena, behaviours, relationships etc. which can be identified in various fields of study which is not fully explained. Therefore, a dissertation should essentially fulfil one expectation which is to add new knowledge to the existing. Secondly, most of the dissertations are expected to be published in full form or in abridged form as a white paper version. Therefore, the written dissertation should comply with standard formatting, structuring and presentation requirements.

Topic Selection
Selecting a dissertation topic is the starting point of the dissertation project and must be done with careful consideration. It should allow the author to exhibit his knowledge on the subject, and contain a valid research problem. The selected topic should not be too broad or too narrow. The need for familiarity and author’s interest is another key evaluation point when selecting a suitable dissertation topic.

Dissertation Methodology
The methodology applied in the empirical research will decide the validity and reliability of the findings. Therefore, the student must gain a sound understanding of research methods by following a course module on this subject or by reading thoroughly. There are various handbooks which explain the empirical research process in simple step-by-step manner. Students can make use of these to design a sound research methodology. The chosen methodology can be either quantitative or qualitative and various research tools as surveys, experiments, observations, interviews etc. can be applied. Case study based research is another option applicable in certain research designs.

Literature Review
This section of the dissertation will inform the reader the existing knowledge on the subject presented by other scholars. Findings of other studies or theories proposed will need to be reviewed and cited properly within the literature review. It is important that the review is conducted in line with the research questions. Therefore the reviewed literature should be related to the study topic and more specifically to the research question being explored. This review is expected to show to the reader where the gaps in knowledge are existing and how the current study aim to fulfil them through the new knowledge intended to be uncovered.

Findings and Discussion
Although not the most extensive of sections, findings and discussions section is the most critical of all sections as it presents the research findings. The author provides his opinions, views and contributions within the discussion in relation to the findings. Any deviations from original hypothesis should also be taken up and reasons for such deviations can be suggested for future investigations.

Writing a masters dissertation  requires total commitment and dedication from the student. Apart from thorough research, perfect writing skills and awareness of proper formatting and structuring requirements is critical. If you are finding it hard to complete your dissertation project, contact for writing assistance. Thousands of students benefit from their services ranging from coursework help, essay help to dissertation assistance.

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