Scholarship Application Essay – Well Worth the Effort

An Effective Scholarship Application Essay Requires Competence in Essay Writing

By the time students move through senior years of high school, students will start thinking about applying for college. Most often students are unable to enter or apply to college as they lack the funds which are required for college education. But, if the students have good grades for all their subjects and are excellent in their essay writing, they will be able to apply for scholarships. As part of the application procedure students are assigned to write a scholarship application essay. This essay, if well written, will enhance the student’s chances of winning the scholarship.

What is a Scholarship Application?
There are many scholarships which are available to students. The purpose behind these scholarships is for gifted students to further their education. By being “gifted” does not mean that students have to be geniuses. There are certain criteria which should be considered when applying. If the students fit the criteria they will be eligible to apply for the scholarship. When looking for scholarship applications students should ensure that the type of scholarship selected is suitable to them. There are different types of scholarships. Some are scholastic based while some are merit based. There are also part scholarship and full scholarship. Funding for college will depend on what type you have selected.

Writing the Essay
When filling the application students should ensure that it is written properly. As part of the application procedure, students will have to submit an essay similar to a college admission essay. Gaining from the essays written for your A level coursework, this essay should showcase your best of essay writing skills. Bear in mind that many will be vying for this and if you need the funding you cannot make any mistakes. Therefore, below is a step by step procedure on how to write a top notch scholarship application essay.

• Planning – These essays are not some which you can throw together at the last minute. Therefore, planning is essential. Topic selection itself should take approximately a week or two. Selection of ideas, supporting concepts, central theme and thesis statement should be well planned.

• Research – As with all other essays research should be conducted meticulously.

• Outlining – Prepare an outline which will enable you to take out any irrelevant information and add on any necessary information.

• Writing – Most students have no idea how to begin the essay. Go through the internet for some helpful essay starters which will provide ideas as to how to begin the essay. Adhere to all requirements and complete your essay.

• Editing – Any essay once complete should be edited and proofread. This ensures no mistakes were made. If required hire the services of an essay editor to check on your essay.

Scholarship Essay Do’s and Don’ts

• Do stay within the topic selected.
• Do provide insights as to who you are.
• Do make your introduction interesting and captivating.
• Do adhere to the word limits.
• Don’t ramble.
• Don’t use big words trying to impress the reader.
• Don’t write presumptuously.

Writing the scholarship application essay is tedious. After many years of writing essays you still have to write another. But keep in mind that if the essay is well written you stand to benefit greatly from it.

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