Evaluation Essay Writing

Writing A Comprehensive Evaluation Essay

Consider the last movie you watched. Would you recommend it to your friends? What was the director trying to convey and did he/she achieve that purpose? Did the actors play their parts competently? Did the dialogues and music help take the story forward? Try to answer these questions and you will get an idea of what an evaluation essay is all about.

Since this type of essay involves your judgement, pick something you feel passionate about. For instance if you have to evaluate a movie on certain parameters like originality, plot-line etc, and you are a Star Wars fan, then the choice is a no-brainer isn’t it?

Begin with a brief description of what you are evaluating. Someone who isn’t acquainted with the object of your essay should be able to obtain a basic outline of it from your introduction. Get tips on how to describe an object from the post on informative essays. Obviously, you have to be well-versed with the object that you are evaluating in your essay; not doing your background reading will catch up on you.

You will be evaluating the object based on certain criterion, so it is wise to mention them in your introduction and perhaps even explain why you chose them.

Next step, put forward your judgement about the object, i.e. your thesis. It might be easier for you to evaluate the evaluation essay’s object if you list its good and bad points beforehand. Mention these in increasing order of importance in your essay and devote a paragraph to each point.

Your evaluation would have elements of an argument essay because you have to anticipate the reader’s reservations. In addition, using some of the techniques that are employed in a critical essay  could strengthen your argument. For instance, if you have to evaluate Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre, you could compare it with her other novels such as Villette or with other novels from this genre such as the Gothic novel or the Romance novel.

The important thing to remember is that even though you are conveying your judgement, you have to keep the tone of the essay neutral. Hence, you can’t just write what you “feel”; it must be backed up by what you “think” and how you came to certain conclusions about the object. You can quote other viewpoints but the dominant theme should be original. The aim of an evaluation essay is to convey your opinion in a dispassionate tone. The reader should get a clear representation of the writer’s thought process.

The essay’s conclusion emphasizes the key points raised in the essay and reiterates the thesis as a logical deduction from these points.

An editing tip for an evaluation essay is to have a friend read it. He/she could mention some likely issues that you have not dealt with and identify instances in which the writer’s voice seems to be too influenced by emotions. If you don’t have time to do this, you could order an essay, written by our professional writers on your topic of choice.

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