Proposal Essays Seek Consensus and Approval

These dissertations require proposals which are written in order to convince the dissertation committee that the research being undertaken is valid, meaningful and will add valuable knowledge to the field of study in which it is based on. This is called the proposal essay. This essay will give the reader an idea as to the plan of action and its intended outcome.

The student must undertake some preliminary research activities prior to writing the dissertation proposal. This is because to write the proposal, the student must have selected a study area, a topic and decided upon the methodology suited. A proposal also calls for a brief literature review of existing scholarly work on the subject area. Therefore, proposal stage involves a significant amount of work.

How to write the Proposal Essay
1. As with all types of essays from nursing essay to Spanish essay, the topic is of utmost importance. The topic selected should be familiar to the writer; it should be within a good subject area which the research committee will consider valid for research. The topic should allow for in-depth investigation and data pertaining to the topic should be accessible with common forms of researching methods.
2. The preliminary literature review should focus on outlining what has already been uncovered in the subject area by other scholars and where the gaps in knowledge exist.
3. Any essay in order to be a good essay should be written in a logical and concise manner. The reader must be able to understand the problem you have identified and be clear on how you intend to find the solutions for it.
4. The essay structure which will be used will be same as the dissertation format. In the introduction the writer will have to give information on the background and the research problem and the proposed solution. The body will have literature review, methodology and discussion sections which can later extend in to separate chapters in the dissertation.
5. The literature review section of the essay will present work from another research paper done by a learned scholar which will provide validity to the topic in question.
6. Formatting the essay will be done according to the instructions given by the professors. Most academic institutions have their own formatting regulations which will have to be adhered to. The most common types of essay format however, are the APA, MLA and Harvard. It is important for students to have a basic knowledge of the requirements of each formatting style.

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