Handling an Abortion Essay Assignment

This essay topic is picked for its controversial nature and suitability to be addressed in different forms of writing. It can also be viewed from a myriad of viewpoints and makes interesting reading material. Therefore, knowing how to write an essay on abortion will be a big plus point. Let us review the different perspectives applicable and the forms of writing that can be applied in to addressing this essay topic.

What is Abortion?
An abortion takes place with the premature termination of pregnancy which is done intentionally. The fetus is terminated through various clinical procedures or with the use of intervention drugs and medicines. While some undergo an abortion due to serious health threats to the mother, the main reasons surrounding the issue relates to social and economic constraints.

Various Perspectives
The essay writer has many perspectives to present within an abortion essay. Some will hold a moral perspective and perceive abortion as a heinous crime. Religious perspectives, such as this being against god’s will can also be a popular angle. Then there is a medical perspective where by the mother’s life may be at risk if the pregnancy reaches full term. Another angle is the social taboo surrounding child abuse, rape and resulting pregnancies which may be considered better to be aborted. There is also the case of economic difficulties faced by underprivileged families especially in developing world that can not afford to raise many children. Such conditions prompt many poor mothers to seek abortion when unplanned pregnancies take place.

Forms of Essay Writing

The issue of abortion can be addressed in different essay forms.

  • You may be asked to write an analysis essay, considering various health and mental implications of an abortion on a woman.
  • An informative essay may require students to write informatively with abortion statistics, the rate of increase or decrease in the current years, and the reasons.
  • A health essay can address clinical procedures or use of drugs in the matter and the safety issues and after effects.
  • An ethics essay can address the ethical of terminating a life, especially a one that is helpless as a fetus.
  • An opinion essay on the subject can give diverse views held by the writer on the subject matter.
  • It can even be an evaluation essay on the best clinical procedure to be adopted in an abortion.

• Research is Important
Since this is a controversial subject area, getting your facts right is important. This is why immaterial of how you write it and what perspective you will present, it should be backed up by proper evidence. To achieve this, comprehensive researching from reliable sources is recommended.

Additional Tips for Writing
By writing without a personal bias, the essay can be more professional. Therefore, even when you write an opinion essay or an argumentative essay, on this subject make sure to present a rounded view before stating your point of view.

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