Good Essays Writing Tips

Choose the approach
In order to make sure you essay is good, you must choose the correct approach that suits the task and the topic. Some topics can be written as narrative essays while others require andinformative essay approach. Topics as Global warming or abortion are best written as persuasive essays or argumentative essays. Pros and cons essays, descriptive essays or process essays are some other forms of essay writing.

Once you decide on what approach you will take, it helps any essay to incorporate the following guidelines in to the writing.

1. Select a topic that has plenty of material to write on, which has relevance to you and the reader and which you have passion for.
2. Have a catchy essay title. It gains and holds the reader’s attention.
3. Use an essay plan and draw up essay outline. This helps you to write your essay smoothly and let it flow logically.
4. The essay should have a proper structure. It should also be formatted as per required writing systems such as MLA. APA or Harvard.
5. Use topic sentences and transition lines to give eloquence to your writing. This makes it easy for your reader to follow your line of argument or how you are building up your case.
6. Make your essay introduction very striking. Make use of startling facts, satire, surprise or anything else which is appropriate for your topic to gain the reader’s attention.
7. Your essay should not have repetition. Make sure to write precisely without rambling on. If the material you have is not sufficient to meet up the word count, research some more for more information.
8. Provide the reader with new information. If your essay can add value by being more informative or more insightful, the quality of your essay will improve.
9. Keep your writing unbiased as readers tend to appreciate this. Even when you are writing an opinion essay, state your case and say what prompts you to hold such opinion which takes away the personal bias.

By incorporating these points in to your writing, be it a health essay, immigration essay, a leadership essay or any other type of essay, you may find out that your essay is not a good essay but in fact an outstanding essay. The marks you get for it will be your proof.

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