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Selection Of Dissertation Titles Should Be Given Considerable Thought

Writing a dissertation is one of the most challenging tasks that students come across in their academic studies. Your dissertation is a critical project which demonstrates a range of skills that usually marks the completion of a degree study. All your researching efforts, hard work and commitment will be proven in your dissertation. Writing a dissertation is not an easy task, and coming up with your dissertation titles will be even more so.

The title of your dissertation is as important as the dissertation itself. The title will let the reader know what your dissertation is regarding. Also, selecting your titles helps you keep on track. As a result great consideration should be applied when selecting one. Referring to your dissertation guide may also provide valuable tips on selecting an appropriate title for your work.

How to select good titles

  • When selecting titles it is important to keep in mind that it should not be too long and complicated. Keep it as simple as you can. By doing this, readers will assume of a smoothly written dissertation content as well. If the title is complicated it will give the reader the assumption that the contents within is equally complicated and unclear.
  • The title you select should reflect the key components of the investigation and the dissertation question you have selected.
  • The title should show what you are planning to write. It should contain key words that inform the reader what the dissertation is about.
  • The titles should be manageable, therefore, it should be narrowed to be able to complete within the given time period. For example if you are writing a psychology dissertation on how modern technology is influencing a person’s behavior, you will have to narrow the topic of modern technology as well as be more specific about what part of the human behavior it is influencing.
  • Is the title an interesting one? Does it ignite curiosity? If you are positive about these two questions regarding your titles, you have made progress.
  • Sometimes, your thesis statement will give you an idea as to the title. If you are writing about the reason radiation from certain electrical appliances causes cancer, your title will be “the investigative study in to how radiation from electrical appliances contribute to cancer”.

Many students tend to get stumped at the very outset of the dissertation project by not being able to come up with good dissertation titles. They will need assistance from sources such as jamelle.me who can assist and provide dissertation help. They will make sure that you have a good dissertation proposal and focus on a good dissertation question and also come up with a proper title to go with your dissertation.

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