An In Depth Look at Child Development Coursework

Child Development Coursework is Assigned at Degree Level Studies

Coursework is an integral part of students’ lives. It is a process which evaluates the students’ understanding of what has been taught to them during the course of the term. Coursework usually contains experiments, projects, question and answers as well as some form of essay writing. Students who are doing subject related to fields such as paediatrics, child psychology, teaching etc will be called upon to do child development coursework.

Importance of the Coursework

This type of coursework is important as it prepares students on what to expect in the areas of child development and with this expectation they can make a success of the task when in the field. Doing this coursework will ensure that the students meet the hiring requirements for the work they wish to do and students who do well in this coursework are able to obtain permits to become child development advisors, teachers or supervisors. This type of coursework also enables students to further their education and obtain the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Coursework Contents

Child development coursework will consist of theoretical as well as practical aspects. For example, students may be assigned to spend a few hours or days with one child or a group of children aged 0 to 5 and study them on their major areas of development. Investigation into the areas of development can be done by using a range of procedures which will include the child’s behaviour. Students will then have to provide a report on the one area of development which will explain the student’s findings.

Topics for the Coursework

There are many areas in which students will have to submit an essay. The topics for the coursework in child development are usually provided and students will be able to write an essay accordingly. These topics include growth and development which will discuss elements such as defining growth, ways of measuring growth, defining maturation etc. In addition, the topics will include reproductive development of boys and girls, gender differences, cultural diversity in adolescents etc. Other topics which could be assigned are the physical development and health maintenance, social relationships and development of children, emotional development and cognitive development.

Assessment Criteria

Most coursework is based on what is taught during school. However, the coursework topics which students will do differ as each student will study children of different ages. As long as students demonstrate knowledge with understanding, thoroughly and properly analyse and interpret the evidence, make sound judgement and decisions as well as conduct thorough investigations they will be able to obtain a good grade.

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