Coming Up with Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topics

Good Marketing Dissertation Topics Should Charter New Grounds

Coming up with interesting dissertation topics is a challenge in itself. This is the starting point of your dissertation writing process and hence you need to do the selection wisely and effectively. If you are writing a marketing dissertation, coming up with good marketing dissertation topics will lay the foundation for successful completion of a quality dissertation. Selecting a dissertation topic has similarities with topic selection in essay writing process but there are deeper level considerations. Let us discuss how best this task can be tackled.

Selecting Effective Dissertation Topics

1. Marketing field has wide scope. Consider a study area which you are very competent at, which has ample study material, easily accessible and provide high potential for uncovering valuable new knowledge. Think back to marketing assignments you have completed and topic areas which you found very interesting. May be one of these topics have the potential for being extended in to a full scale dissertation study.

2. Consider the research methodology which you are able to execute and competent with. The topic you select and the research methodology applied should be compatible. Often marketing dissertations require qualitative research to uncover deeper level behaviour motives, beliefs, cognitive constructs of consumers etc. The selected topic and the subsequent dissertation questions must therefore be suitable and compatible with the research method you prefer to apply.

3. Dissertation writing calls for in-depth investigation of the chosen topic. For this reason, the topic must be scaled down to a manageable level. Some times students choose topics which are too wide and contain study problems which are sufficient to be covered by many dissertations and not within one study.

4. Marketing is a fairly new discipline and there are many phenomena in marketing practices and behavioural aspects of consumers which are not yet fully explained. Therefore, there are plenty of un-chartered territories so to say which holds interesting dissertation topics. It is always recommended that students explore such areas which will add value to their work in terms of novelty of knowledge being uncovered.

5. The resources at disposal should also be considered when selecting topics. The time at hand, the hours that can be spent in the field researching, the number of respondents needed, the financial resources to be incurred etc. will all play a role in making a dissertation project viable. For instance, a dissertation topic which aims to study international marketing may need expenditure to be incurred in researching the international market being studied. This can be beyond affordability of some students. Therefore, the topic selected must be dependent on the resource availability as well.

These are some of the key considerations that should be taken in to account when selecting a marketing dissertation topic. In addition to these, you should also consider whether or not you will require help with the entire dissertation writing process. If you opt to enlist such help, consider a professional source such as, which is one of the most well reputed writing assistance services operating from UK and the USA. They provide essay help, dissertation help and various coursework help for students in need.

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