How to Choose a Source for the Essay?

  1. If you are looking for the good sources for your essays, the place where you can get the trustful, and checked information, you can use the following tips:
    1. Wikipedia – is the place, where editors always check, and recheck the posted information. You can use it as a source, and, use its sources as a source!
    2. The online pages from the .edu, and .gov sites usually provides he checked information. To find the needed article, for example, about the astronomy you may use the following google query: OR astronomy
      E.g. the first site is Astronomy Picture of the Day, the second one is University of California at Berkeley. Sounds trusted enough.
    3. The news portals are good enough to become a source for your paper, due to trusted magazines always check the information before publishing. Their reputation completely depends on it.
      E.g. The “Reuters” is 164 years old, and they takes much pain to analyze the article before posting.
    4. Here is the list of checked websites to get an inspiration and additional information for your paper:

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