Tips On Selecting Good Essay Title

Essay Title is what stands out from the essay at a first glance. Since it is in a bigger font size and highlighted or underlined usually, the title is practically thrown up to the prospective reader. However, if it is not an effective title, there is little chance of the rest of the essay or article being read. This is why a good essay writer should pay attention to developing a catchy and attention grabbing title line for the work. Following are few tips for coming up with effective titles for essays and written works:Continue reading


Use the Proper Formatting In Your Dissertation

When writing a dissertation most students feel uncertain of the proper formatting to be applied to the dissertation. A dissertation must be produced in an orderly manner and there are many guidelines which have to be adhered to when writing. Dissertation format is one one such guideline which the students will have to be knowledgeable with in order to submit a well written dissertation.

A dissertation guide is most often available in many academic institutions and students who are unsure as to how to proceed with their formatting will get all the information they require from this handbook. However, given below is a summary of what elements which are most common when it comes to formatting.Continue reading


Recreating Experiences on Descriptive Essays

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But pictures aren’t always available to describe something, and then we do the best we can with words. And words have their limitations; like how do you describe color to a blind man? Nevertheless, words offer tremendous scope for recreating experiences, and that’s what a descriptive essay strives for.

Think about the cup of coffee you had this morning. Imagine the invigorating aroma of cocoa beans, the sweet coolness of the beverage and the brief sharp bitter aftertaste. What were you doing when you were sipping the coffee? Were you sitting in a cafe reading a book or hurrying to class? Can you remember the first time you tasted coffee? Continue reading


How to Write a Powerful Argumentative Essay

An argument essay is like engaging in a debate with your reader. You have to anticipate their questions while putting forward your thesis. The format for this essay is quite predictable so it will help if you have an essay outline first, jotting down the various points you want to include.

To begin with, consider both sides of the issue. Those who oppose your stand will have strong arguments too, which you must consider. It’s usually best to begin such an essay with “The issue of … has generated a lot of debate. Continue reading


Writing a Well-Organized Classification Essay

We are often inundated with vast quantities of information. All at once, this can boggle the mind so we cope with this by organizing the information into various groups and dealing with them one by one. A classification essay follows a similar process. So this would have elements of a critical essay as well.

Classification is done on a certain basis or principle. Before writing this type of essay, you must ask yourself some questions:Continue reading


How to Write a Cogent Critical Essay

comparative essay, is about exercising your judgement in order to evaluate something. The most important rule is not let your biases interfere with your critique. This is easier said than done. Your choice of topic itself reflects your preference or bias for it, yet the idea is to justify your opinions with facts and present views opposed to yours as well.

For instance if you are critiquing American environmental policy in the period 1980-1995, it isn’t just enough for you just to state your thesis, such as “not enough attention was paid to important issues”. Continue reading


A How-To Guide to Write A Clear Process Analysis Essay

A process analysis essay is like a how-to guide. It tells the readers how to do a certain task or explains how something works.

Since these type of essays aim to instruct the reader or to satisfy them with a sufficient explanation its best to break it down into simple steps. How much you simplify the explanation depends on the profile of the reader. If you are writing a process analysis essay on cloning techniques aimed at academicians then you can use a lot more jargon than in an essay on gardening aimed at beginners.Continue reading

Writing a Comparably Excellent Comparative Essay

A comparative essay is a favourite with professors for assignmentsor exam questions. You will see it so often over the course of your academic life, you can practically type one in your sleep once you get the hang of it. But getting the hang of it is important, because many students underestimate the depth of analysis required.

As human beings, we routinely compare things subconsciously, like when we weigh a low-cal muffin versus a chocolate cake for dessert or when deciding which college to go to. Thus, this type of essay is an exercise in cogently articulating similar comparisons.Continue reading

The Merits of an Online Essay Writing Service

This would have several advantages:

– You are left with enough time to complete your other assignments successfully
– An expert team of writers delivers a high quality essay well within the deadline as per the guidelines given by you
– The format, style and organization of the completed essay will give you an idea of the elements integral to a good essayContinue reading


Tips for a History Coursework Assignments Writing

History is the past recreated and thus it can have many versions. Hence, when writing a history coursework assignment, one must question assumptions or widely held truths and look for underlying prejudices that may have influenced the telling of the story.

There will be some accounts that will perhaps always be murky, such as that of Jack the Ripper; there are others that will be partially concealed such as the mystery surrounding Princess Diana’s death and some that will be widely held to be facts such as the Holocaust.Continue reading