Analysis Essay Writing

Guide How To Write An Analysis Essay

An analysis is the separation of a whole subject in to different parts and taken individually in order to study on what makes it whole. Therefore, when writing an analysis essay, you have to apply analytical thinking into your essay which will make you delve deeply into the subject. This type of essays is common for business studies, marketing or law coursework and in order to write a good essay it is beneficial for students to know how to write analysis essay.Continue reading

Dissertation Title

Selection Of Dissertation Titles Should Be Given Considerable Thought

Writing a dissertation is one of the most challenging tasks that students come across in their academic studies. Your dissertation is a critical project which demonstrates a range of skills that usually marks the completion of a degree study. All your researching efforts, hard work and commitment will be proven in your dissertation. Writing a dissertation is not an easy task, and coming up with your dissertation titles will be even more so.

The title of your dissertation is as important as the dissertation itself. The title will let the reader know what your dissertation is regarding. Also, selecting your titles helps you keep on track. As a result great consideration should be applied when selecting one. Referring to your dissertation guide may also provide valuable tips on selecting an appropriate title for your work.

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Finance Dissertation Writing

Useful Tips For Finance Dissertation Writing

The field of finance makes use of knowledge acquired from related fields like economics, psychology, mathematics and sociology. Hence a student writing a finance dissertation can draw from various areas for choosing a topic. Some sample dissertation topics are:

  • The Feasibility of Sealed Bid Auctions for Corporate Acquisitions
  • Developments in the Derivatives Market post 1980: How Toxic Assets Evolved

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Personal Essay Writing

Practicing To Write A Personal Essay

Remember when you started the school year in second grade? I’m betting my money on the fact that the first essay writing assignment you were given was “What Do I want To Be When I Grow Up”. It’s amazing to see the amount of passion kids put in such essays, describing their perfect job and role model with such fascinations. You may have come a long way from second grade, but the personal essay is still a fairly common assignment, it’s just that the guidelines for writing it are now a little more nuanced.Continue reading

English Coursework

Different Forms of English Coursework Assignments

English coursework is introduced from primary classes and proceed to high school years. GCSE to A Level students have to write various forms of coursework assignments for this subject module. In college too the subject is available for many Arts and Business Degrees as a foundation level course module. You need to invest time and effort in to researching, planning and writing these coursework so that your output is to a high standard. While there are many types of coursework the coursework for English language will be comparatively more enjoyable and less strenuous than others like statistics coursework. Following are some of the key assignment forms which you can expect within a coursework for English.Continue reading

Evaluation Essay Writing

Writing A Comprehensive Evaluation Essay

Consider the last movie you watched. Would you recommend it to your friends? What was the director trying to convey and did he/she achieve that purpose? Did the actors play their parts competently? Did the dialogues and music help take the story forward? Try to answer these questions and you will get an idea of what an evaluation essay is all about.Continue reading

Dissertation Proposal Writing

How to Write An Excellent Dissertation Proposal

Experienced researchers will tell you that just about everything you state in your dissertation proposal will be tweaked or omitted once you conduct your research. Then why is the proposal so important? Famed philosopher Seneca once said, “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” The proposal helps you finalize a destination with a rough plan on how to get there. You may change your mind later, but until you starting making preparations for the journey, you’ll never get there.Continue reading

Essay Templates

An Essay Template Provides Guidance on Writing the Essay

Essay writing can be a difficult task. As it is very time consuming and challenging, this will be one of students’ least favourite academic activity. Students find the topic selection, research and overall writing of the essay difficult. As students are well aware there are different types of writing, they also know that all essays are not the same. This makes writing different types of essays even more difficult. An essay template will assist them in the general requirements and rules of essay writing, which include formatting and structuring.Continue reading

Frequently Asked Dissertation Questions

All Your Dissertation Questions Should Be Answered Before Beginning Your Writing

In order to obtain a degree for a PhD or Master’s program, you will need to submit a research or dissertation paper. What is a dissertation? A dissertation also known as a thesis is a lengthy academic document written on investigative findings and usually submitted in partial fulfilment of a degree. It is much longer than an essay and requires the student to go into an in-depth analysis of the subject which he is studying. When you are assigned to write a dissertation for the first time, it is natural for you to worry about certain aspects of the dissertation. Below is a list of dissertation questions which are the most common.Continue reading

Dissertation Acknowledgement Writing Tips

Tips and Guidelines on How to Write Acknowledgement

dissertation writing, acknowledgement remains one of its most essential parts.

Dissertation writing is the most profound and complex type of academic writing. That is why students usually need help and sound advice in order to cope with it. Expressing gratitude to people who were guiding you through the writing process and provided with useful information is essential and obligatory from a scholar point of view. It is not only polite, but also a correct approach to dissertation acknowledgement writing as well.Continue reading