Writing a Well-Constructed Marketing Dissertation

A dissertation requires a student to research and analyse a particular topic and present findings resulting from the exercise. A marketing dissertation then is self-explanatory. Begin by outlining the topic of your dissertation. Don’t make it too wide in scope; you want to be able to explain all the relevant aspects without exceeding the word limit. Your dissertation could focus on a particular product, organization, industry, strategy, market type, region and such like.

You begin with a literature survey i.e. you read up on all the published studies and data relating to your topic. This serves the following purpose:

– gives you a foundation on which to begin your research;
– educates you about the research methodologies used by your peers;
– apprises you with the common questions that research in this are deals with;
– ensures that you avoid overlapping with someone’s work inadvertently;
– shows you what mistakes to avoid while writing your dissertation.

The next step is to decide how you will conduct your marketing dissertation’s research. One way is to analyse the data available from credible sources in a new way, to test a certain theory. For instance, if you want to see the impact of a certain advertising campaign on consumption of a product in a certain region, you analyse the change in market share of that product, keeping in mind the influence of other factors. Usually though, you have to collect the raw data yourself.

In order to collect the data you first need to figure out what your target group is i.e. the profile of people you want to interact with in order to get the necessary information. Accordingly you work out how to get the information. For instance, if your target group consists of a mail order catalogue’s consumers, then a mailed questionnaire might be an ideal way to survey them. If your target group consists of marketing executives, then you should try to schedule an appointment to interview them. Alternatively, you could do a case study.

Once you have collected the raw data for your marketing dissertations, you have to tabulate it, classify it and present it in a clear and cogent fashion, such as through the use of pie charts, bar graphs etc. Explain the diagrammatic representations and try to interlink them. The guideline for this has been mentioned in the post on marketing assignments.

In order to present you findings, you must put together the results of the research and make recommendations. Remember to address the anticipated objections to your findings. You may also want to mention certain areas where your findings could be applied. For instance let’s say that your dissertation on teenagers’ attitudes to celebrity endorsements found that most teenagers believe that celebrities don’t actually use the products they endorse. This could be important for companies that produce personal care products. You may suggest alternatives — such as a marketing strategy that connects celebrities with consumers in a way that increases the latter’s confidence in the product — in the dissertation . You can also order a dissertation.

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