Avoid Scam Essay Writing Services

Since 2011 I’ve been working as an independent quality assurance specialist, and checked probably the hundreds of the online essay writing services providers. What does it mean? It means, that I check if the policy matches the real picture, if the service works honestly and transparently. And there is something I have to tell you! NOT all the writing services are good. There is a huge part of scammers and frauds among them! And it is not easy to determine them by the first sight.

I won’t be mistaken, if I claim that there are thousands of essay writing domains registered yearly. If you don’t believe this, you can check it here: the list of recently dropped (discontinued) domains consisting the word “essay”.

Most of these domains were discontinued due to it was a mere spam, scam, or fraud sites! Their main goal was to get the money from the naive customers, and leave them without the written paper.

Once! I even faced the service that was blackmailing me! They were about to “tell my professor that I am using such services if I will try to make a charge back”.

How do scammers work?

It depends on what kind of paper do you need, a pre-written work? Or the paper written from scratch?

If you are looking for the pre-written paper, you can buy an access to the database of essays (usually sells like a package AND/OR has a monthly subscription). And after buying it you will find out that the essays in the data-base are reachable in Google. They are not unique, and consist of different odd papers with the grammar and stylistic mistakes. In case of pre-written papers services, you won’t spend much money, so your risks are not that big.

If you are looking for the site where you can get an online writing paper crafted from scratch, you may pay much more money, especially if you are about to order a dissertation. In this case, I would recommend you to follow my instructions:

  1. Check the domain age through the http://whois.domaintool.com service. Make sure it is over 3 years.
  2. Check if the site works with the Send Money, Pay Online or Set Up a Merchant Account – PayPal billing system. PayPal allows users to ask for the reconsideration and get the refund back, in case if something went wrong.
  3. Check if the service never shares the personal information with the third parties.
  4. Check the online reviews about the site.

So please read attentively. I will help you to avoid mistakes in ordering the paper!

First of all: read the site. The site should have the following pages:

  • ‘Terms and conditions’ – the page where one can read about the obligations of the service.
  • ‘Privacy policy’ – there should be clearly written that the site never shares the contacts with the third parties.
  • ‘Money back policy’ – there should be mentioned all the cases where you can pretend to get your money back.
  • ‘Contact page’ – never trust the service that doesn’t’ provide its contacts.

The next thing you should check is the PayPal account owner. You can read how to check it here –[Discuss] How to check if paypals verified now? • /r/Starcitizen_trades

All the legit services also works at least 3 years in the niche. There is a working scheme, where the sites are created to receive the orders, they stay alive for 2–3 weeks, and then go down. Be aware. To check the domain name age, one can use http://whois.domaintools.com/. Just paste the domain name to the field and find the “date of creation”.

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