Your Argument Essay Should Be Written According to Certain Specifications

Once we acquire words and learn to formulate sentences, the next step we learn is to write essays. Essays which you will write in high school and college will be more complex and advance compared to the ones you wrote when in middle school years. However, the concept behind essay writing is the same. You write about something and use evidence to support your theories and view points. Among many types of essays, an argument essay is an interesting essay to write. After all arguing is something which we are all familiar with. In writing an essay in argumentative style, you are aiming to get your point accepted through a convincing argument backed by evidence.

Essay writing will improve our grammar and writing. It will also improve various skills such as analysis, research, synthesis, evaluation, creativity, critical thinking etc. Depending on the type of essay, you will be called on to apply one or many of these skills in to the writing process. Some essays can be written in different styles. For example, an abortion essay can be written in pros and cons style, persuasive style or in argumentative style. It can even be written as an informative essay. Let us find out the specifications required to write an essay in argumentative form.

Topic selection
The topic you select first and foremost should be interesting. For an essay of this type you should consider one with conflicting points of view. Select the topic which you think is the most interesting to you. Controversial topics which are currently in the limelight can bring interest to your essay. But this is not a prerequisite. Once your topic has been decided on you will have to make up your mind as to what position you will take on the argument. Will you speak for your topic or against it? What ever you decide you have to have a logical explanation for your reasons.

Build a Plan
Regardless of whether you are speaking for the topic or against it you will have to have give information and reasons for both sides. In order to write a good essay you should be able to provide both sides of the argument. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to list down all aspects of your argument. Then only you will state your own standpoint in the matter.

All essays require extensive research and this type of essay is no different. Research helps us to write an essay which is sound in its content validity. With this essay type you should always have evidence to back you up. Make sure that the sources you use for evidence is cited properly in your essay. Refer to the essay format prescribed so that you will cite the references in required fashion. For instance the APA format cites the reference differently from that of Chicago style.

Once you have completed your research and you have adequate information should you begin to write your essay. Your essay introduction will introduce your topic and will provide your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be something like:

“This essay will present the case against abortion and how detrimental it is from an ethical as well as practical point of view.”

The body paragraphs will back your thesis statement providing the evidence and your conclusion will restate your thesis statement and summarize the points made.

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