Finance Dissertation Writing

Useful Tips For Finance Dissertation Writing

The field of finance makes use of knowledge acquired from related fields like economics, psychology, mathematics and sociology. Hence a student writing a finance dissertation can draw from various areas for choosing a topic. Some sample dissertation topics are:

  • The Feasibility of Sealed Bid Auctions for Corporate Acquisitions
  • Developments in the Derivatives Market post 1980: How Toxic Assets Evolved

  • An Alternative System for Measuring Risk in The Insurance Market
  • Implications of Asymmetric Information on the Market for Insurers
  • Asset Price Bubbles in England: How the South Sea Bubbles Pattern Repeatedly Manifests Itself
  • The Role of Investment Banks Post the Global Economic Crisis
  • Funding Micro finance through Small Investors: The Potential of Replicating Kiva’s Strategy in Other Countries
  • European and American Audit Firms: A Comparison
  • Measures for Maintaining the Chinese Wall in Finance Conglomerates
  • Opportunities for Hedge Funds in Emerging Economies
  • Growth Prospects for the Housing Loan Market in the UK: Delivery Channels and Product Features
  • Corporate Governance in Mutual Funds Companies in France

Make sure that your topic isn’t too wide in scope, as that makes it difficult for you to cover the various sections in depth and can often make the finance dissertation unmanageable. Pick a supervisor who is well versed in your dissertation topic area and figure out a rough game plan of how you will go about your dissertation.

The most time taking part of the dissertation is usually the literature review, where in you review the published material related to your topic in a manner similar to an critical essay. This section helps prepare you for the section on methodology because by reading research material on similar topics you become aware of the predominant methodology used, its limitations, additional information etc.

The section on methodology will describe how you will address the research problem of the dissertation question. You must explain the method you are choosing and why its the most appropriate. If you have tested different methods and found a particular one the most appropriate, mention how you arrived at this conclusion. The finance dissertation’s methodology decision will be dictated by the nature of the research problem, the group that you tap for information and your supervisor’s suggestions. For instance, the z-Tree software can be used to construct experiments to measure people responses to constructed situations that simulate a financial market’s environment or decision strategies. Or when trying to put forward an alternative risk measurement model, you would obviously use a more mathematical software and then test it on actual financial products to see how accurate the predictions are.

Be clear about the parameters you will use. For instance, the sample topic on Micro finance and Kiva is broadly judging replication potential, but the review of success, efficiency, organizational structure and delivery mechanisms is implicit within this, which has to be outlined in the dissertation.

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