Dissertations are research documents done for a Masters or PhD degree of any kind. The research will have to be done by the student independently. Doing this will advance the student’s knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. Dissertations should be presented as a formal document as per its own set format. In order to do this there is a document which informs the student as to how he should proceed with his dissertation writing and presentation. This is called the dissertation guide.

Contents of the Guide

Each guide has different requirements according to your choice of subject. There are many dissertations subjects depending upon the field of study and marketing dissertation, law dissertation or psychology dissertation are just a few to name. However, there are common requirements which every guide contains. Following are some of the key areas covered by a guide for any type of dissertation:

  • What is a dissertation?
  • How to decide on a dissertation topic?
  • What to consider in choosing the dissertation methodology?
  • How to prepare a successful dissertation proposal?
  • How to design the research methodology?
  • How to conduct dissertation research?
  • How to write the dissertation?
  • What are the key formatting and presentation requirements

Researching Method

One of the most common questions which will be answered in your dissertation guides are how you should perform your dissertation research. Research will be very important to dissertation writing. It will help you to investigate the chosen area of subject and make you generate important knowledge. The research method you select is based upon the subject of inquiry and the study objectives and questions.

Topic Selection

Most often finding a good topic to conduct your dissertation is a challenging job. The best way to select a good topic is to write down possible topic ideas that fall within your subject of interest and study. When conducting a dissertation, you must make sure to research on a number of selected ideas to see which topic idea has extensive existing knowledge, and whether you will have enough material to conduct a literature review. Then, you must see whether there are gaps in knowledge which your study can contribute to fulfill. Many students get stressed out as they do not have a proper topic for their dissertation. Methodically going through the searching process will make it easy for you to find a topic that you can conduct your dissertation successfully.

Begin the dissertation

For a dissertation to stand out it should be written well. To achieve this you should have planned well ahead, researched extensively and taken down notes and reference copies of all of the important material. You dissertation may be based on primary data collection or from analyzing secondary data available already in the form of case studies or information. Once this is over you have to begin structuring and organizing your notes, only then will you begin your writing process.

Dissertation Structure

Your dissertation should follow a particular structure. Some of the crucial elements included are:

  • A title page
  • Dissertation abstract
  • Dissertation acknowledgement
  • A table of contents
  • Introduction Chapter
  • Methodology Chapter
  • Literature Review Chapter
  • Findings and Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix.

Your dissertation is a significant piece of writing. It should not only show your prowess at critical thinking, researching and analysis, it should also be written with style and quality worthy of a good dissertation. If you require any assistance with your dissertation there are many sites available on the internet which offers dissertation online assistance. is one such site which will help you to understand the requirements of your dissertation guide and to write a good dissertation paper for you if you need such assistance.

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