Empirical Research Facilitate Writing of Insightful Sociology Coursework

Sociology coursework is a very interesting subject area for those who have chosen to pursue it out of their own accord. The subject matter is the humans and their social interactions and behaviors. As in all sciences, this social science explores unexplained areas of why and how people behave within a social environment. The coursework will mainly consist of essay writing supported by a certain amount of empirical research as well.

The subject is available during senior years of high school or as a part of the A Level coursework. Following sociology in these early years can lay foundation knowledge to pursue the subject in college. Sociology qualifications are very versatile and can help in various fields of employment as educational, medical, clinical, human resource management etc.

Improving Coursework Quality
If your essay or research paper on sociology is to receive a good grade, following factors should be given due consideration:

• The assignment must demonstrate a sound knowledge of theory related to the essay topic.
• They should also be widely referenced. This involves significant investment of time in reading and in secondary research of existing scholarly articles, empirical studies etc.
• Some of the assignments may require field research to be undertaken. If this is the case, a good knowledge of dissertation research methods can help you formulate a good field research strategy.
• High caliber coursework demonstrate a high level of synthesis between the theoretical knowledge and real life evidence. The writing should demonstrate the student’s understanding of theory. It should also show the ability to identify the existence of the discussed theoretical aspects within a real social setting.
• Using an appropriate writing form will assist the student to display a high level of understanding and involvement in the subject. For instance, by using an analysis or an evaluation essay form, instead of an informative form, the writer can demonstrate better skills on the subject.

 Suitable Topics
The study area covered by sociology is vast. Hence the available areas of subject to be explored is plenty. Choosing an area which is interesting, relevant and manageable will help the student do well. Following are few examples of various coursework topics that can be addressed.

1. Importance of social norms, mores, rituals and etiquette in maintaining social order.
2. Influence of peer pressure for social conformity in Japanese culture vs. American culture.
3. Does alcoholism differ by social strata?
4. How will a single parent family impart complete parental role model influence to a child?
5. Are social rules more influential in conditioning the human behavior than legislative rules?

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